Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make sure that an e-mail attachment is safe to open?
I've been asked for personal information via e-mail, on a website, ...
My disc space is full ("quota exceeded")! Or: How can I check my remaining disk space on the network home directory?
How do I restore files on my own?
There is a virus/trojan horse warning appearing on my screen - help!
My printer is paused/disabled/rejects jobs under Linux! How can I activate it to print my job?
How do I scan multiple sheets into one document?
Why is the print quality when printing from a web browser poor?
Why does the printer ask for the correct paper size and doesn't print?
I need temporary access to a Windows computer/MS Office/Adobe Acrobat Professional...
Which software is installed on my Windows/Linux computer by default?
How do I get updates for a managed Windows Notebook?
How can I install other Linux software that I need for my project?
Firefox/Thunderbird won’t start in Linux because it says an instance is already running - what should I do?
Firefox lost all my bookmarks!