Cloud Storage (Dropbox)

By the university's policy, you should not use Dropbox or other services for work related data. However, we acknowledge that for some other projects or private usage you still might need to install Dropbox so here are short step by step instructions.

  1. Please visit and scroll down to the Headless Install section.
  2. Open a terminal and execute the command that is given on that website under "64-bit".
  3. Start the Dropbox daemon now: $HOME/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd
  4. It will complain that you are running it on an unsupported file system. Choose "Move" and select "Computer" and the directory /scratch/USERNAME (of course, replace USERNAME with your actual user name). Click on "Choose" and Dropbox will begin to sync your data to /scratch/USERNAME/Dropbox.
  5. For convenience, you can create a symbolic link into your home directory with the following terminal command: ln -s /scratch/USERNAME/Dropbox $HOME
    This allows you to access your Dropbox data from inside your usual home directory. Again replace USERNAME with your actual user name.

Note: If you have some previous version of Dropbox that stopped working for some reason, remove the directories $HOME/Dropbox (if you have some unsynced local changes, save them outside of the Dropbox directory), $HOME/.dropbox and $HOME/.dropbox-dist and follow the instructions above. 


No support

Dropbox is in no way supported by math:it. If you have problems with these instructions or Dropbox does not work for some other reasons, you will have to fix it on your own!