Calendar & Address Book

Each math:account has access to CALDav based calendar and CARDDav based address book services which can also be accessed using a web client.

The service is based on the open source DAViCal calendar server which allows creating multiple personal calendars and address books, and optionally sharing them with others.

The administration (creating and sharing calendars and address books) is done via a web application accessible at

where you will be presented with a login screen. Log in using your math:account.


Before you can actually use this service, you need to log in once on the administrative web application so that a record for your user is created.

After this initial setup you can either use the web client to manage events and addresses, or use any CALDav and CARDDav compatible client software. Point it to the URL


where MATH:ACCOUNT is your math:account and RESOURCE is the name of the resource (calendar or address book name) you want to access.

The default calendar name is calendar and the default address book name is addresses, for example: