TimeMachine Backup Server

We provide a TimeMachine server which allows any Apple macOS computer to do a remote TimeMachine backup.

The backups are stored on our central storage system and replicated to the secondary system. Weekly snapshots of the data are also taken.


Using the Remote Server for Backup

If you want to use this service, please contact the math:helpdesk and state that you want to use the TimeMachine backup service. We will create the needed storage space on the TimeMachine backup server and contact you once this is done.

After that follow this procedure:

  1. Open a Finder window, press Command+k and enter the following address: afp://logon.mat.univie.ac.at. When asked for credentials, enter you math:account details. 
  2. Now open the TimeMachine preferences and click on "Select Disk". There should be a disk with a name like "TimeMachine MATH:ACCOUNT" on a server called logon(.mat.univie.ac.at). Select the disk which has your account name in it, provide the math:account credentials and you are ready to go!