Public Network Services

The University of Vienna offers internet access to anyone with a valid u:account through its "eduroam" and "u:connect-wired" services.

If you are a member of another university, you should be able to connect to Wi-Fi via the eduroam service and your home university username/password!



This is a short set of instructions to connect to the internet (either wirelessly with u:connect or wired with u:connect-wired):

  1. Configure your network for automatic IP address assignment

    1. Connect the network cable to your notebook and to a wall socket (the sockets which are configured for the u:connect service are normally the right ones of the double sockets, if you do not know where to plug in the cable, write a request in which you state your room number).
    2. Activate your network device.


    1. Activate your wireless network.
    2. Connect to the wireless network "eduroam".
    3. provide the username in the form "" and your WIFI password. You must use the WIFI password, not the u:account password. You can lookup your WIFI password on the my u:account page.


More help

If you need more information about the network services have a look at the information page of the ZID!