Mobile and Remote Printing

Our unified printing solution also allows mobile printing. This works by attaching a PDF, a Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint document or a text file (.txt) to an e-mail from your university account to

After that the to-be-printed document can be collected at any copier like with normal printing.

Only A4/A3 supported

If you use this functionality, please note that only PDFs with a page format of A4 or A3 are accepted by the printer server. If you need to print PDFs with another format like Letter please use the normal printing system or convert the PDF to the correct size.

With this feature you can print from anywhere, using any device that supports e-mail. So printing from smart phones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, ...) as well as tablets can now easily be done.

Another possibility for mobile printing is by using the web interface available at

It allows you to view your queue print jobs and also to upload files for printing.

Since our printer server is also available from the whole university network, you can now even print at home by first connecting your computer via the ZID VPN service to the university network and then printing. The prints can later be collected once you are at the faculty.